Rules of the promo "Fortune wheel"
1. Terminology and definitions:

1.1 Action – marketing action "Fortune wheel" is conducted according to the current rules. The action is not a promotion campaign, gambling or betting.
1.2 Organizer – sole proprietor Maksutov A.G., Taxpayer Identification Number 616110139344.
1.3 The website:,,,
1.4 Participant is an individual who meets the requirements provided by the current rules and did the actions listed in the paragraph 3.3 of the current rules.
1.5 Winner – 500 people in accordance with paragraph 3.3 of the current rules.
1.6 Period of the action: 01.02.2024 - 30.10.2024.
1.7 The information about the marketing action is available on the websites,,,

2. Prize

2.1 Winners of the action may get prizes. Prizes are the following:
2.2 The cash equivalent of the value of prizes awarded is not paid. Prizes can not be changed for other ones.
2.3 The liability of the Organizer for presenting the Prize to the сontestants is limited solely to the Prize Fund, specified in the rules.
2.4 The Organizer is not responsible in case the Winner is not capable of receiving the prize or in case of circumstances preventing from receiving the Prize.
2.5 The Prize is not given and considered unclaimed if:
- The winner refused to book the professional beauty event in Turkey (October 31st-November 3rd 2024) on special terms with the discount received in the marketing action.

3. Terms and conditions of participation in the marketing action.

3.1 Allowed to participate only:
- Adult persons over 18 years old, qualified artists of the beauty industry.
- Individuals that have no fully or partially paid ticket to the event in Turkey (October 31st-November 3rd 2024).
3.2 Individuals that do not meet the requirements for the Participants have no right to participate in the action and claim the Prize.
3.3 To become a Participant an individual must visit the website and make some actions, leave relevant contacts (phone number) from February 1st 2024 until October 30th 2024 (stated in 4.2)
3.4 The Organizer has a right to ban from participation the following Participants:
- who promote pornography, violence
- incite ethnic, class, social or religious hatred
- spread information on how to make, use and obtain drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors; spread information promoting advantages of taking particular drugs or psychotropic substances , their analogues or precursors
- spread information forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
- spread information that is contrary to morality, including information of erotic and/or obscene nature, obscene lexis.
- who violate copyright, allied rights and other rights of the third parties to intellectual property.

4. The procedure of determining the winners and issuing the prizes:

4.1 The Organizer provides up to 500 prizes.
4.2 The action ends on October 30th 2024.
4.3 The Organizer has a right to change the Rules.
4.4 All actions provided by the rules are considered made and fixed by the Organizer (GMT Moscow)

5. Final Regulations:

5.1 The Participant has all the rights guaranteed if he/she meets the requirements of the Rules.
5.2 Taking part in the Action, the Participant gives their consent to the processing of personal data during the period of the Action and 3 years after it ends according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation (152-FL from July 27th 2006). The consent can be withdrawn in accordance with the terms in 8.8 of the Rules.

6. Rights and Responsibilities of the parties:

6.1 Participant who claims the Prize must complete and sign all documents provided by the Organizer which condition receiving the Prize according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Complete or partial refusal of the Winner to sign above-mentioned documents automatically liberates the Organizer from issuing the Prize.

7. Rights andResponsibilities of the Organizer:

7.1 The Organizer has a right not to enter written negotiations or other contacts with Participants if they are not listed in the Rules or required by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.2 The organizer has a right to cancel the Action at any stage.
7.3 The organizer has a right to ban from participation the following individuals:
- Participants that did not meet the requirements provided in paragraph 3.4 of the Rules;
- Participants that violated other provision the Rules.
7.4 The Organizer is responsible for issuing the Prize to the Winner if the latter booked the professional event in Turkey (October 31st - November 3rd 2024).

8. The processing of personal data of the Participants:

8.1 Committing the actions, required by the rules, by the Participant is the Participant's consent to processing their personal data in strict accordance with the aims stated by the Rules.
8.2 The aim of the processing of personal data is conducting the Marketing Action in accordance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation and fulfillment of the obligations of the tax agent by the Organizer.
8.3 The list of the personal data processed by the Organizer is fixed and limited by the Rules.
8.4 The list of actions made with the provided by Participants personal data: collection, recording, systematizing, accumulation, revision, extraction, usage, transfer, sanitization, blocking, deleting and destruction.
8.5 Cross-border transfer of personal data is not carried out within the Action.
8.6 The Organizer processes the personal data of Participants in strict accordance with rules set by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "About Personal Data" 152-FL from July 27th 2006, including maintaining confidentiality and security of the personal data during its processing according to the paragraph 19 of the above-mentioned Federal Law.
8.7 The processing of the personal data by the Organizer is done in the time of the Action and within the time needed to submit tax declaration to the tax authorities.
8.8 The Participant has a right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time by sending a written application as a registered letter to the legal address of the Organizer via Russian Post. This leads to automatic termination of participation in the Marketing Action.
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